Corporate Culture

Company mission


Continuously endeavoring to improve human’s living environment indicates AVIC Energy’s high sense of social responsibility. Earth is our one and only homeland. Over the past century, we ourselves have mindlessly caused cruel and severe damages to resources and environment of our own planet. Today, as the future of the entire human race is facing grave challenges, no nations, enterprises or individuals could be exempted from the environmental healing responsibilities. We should be hand-in-hand to create a warm and harmonious world.



According to the strategic planning of AVIC International, AVIC Energy will be built into a specialized company with extraordinary efficiency, strong innovation and advanced ability in the field.

Core Concept


Merging energy. AVIC Energy integrates the internal and external resources and strengths, creates the synergies to integrate and enhance their own value comprehensively. At the same time, AVIC Energy constantly converges and integrates social core resources and energy, recruit more capable people and search more strategic partners. It shows that the AVIC Energy have excellent integration capability, integrate and accept the people of different cultural background and concepts from all regions, work together as a team to provide second to none services to customers.


Integrity, Responsibility, Professionalism, Win-Win


Integrity: Loyalty, Honesty, Confidence, Trust
Responsibility: Dedication, Duty, Perseverance, Obligation
Professionalism: Focus, Competence, Expertise, Efficiency
Win-Win: Mutuality, Reciprocity, Sharing, Success

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